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CBD Sales For Your Business

CBD Sales For Your Business

From hybrid cars to the yoga-craze explosion, people all over the country are seeking out healthy, environmentally sound methods of taking care of themselves and getting through the day.

Cannabidiol — or CBD — is yet another example of this incredibly responsible and savvy trend. You see, CBD provides a bevy of wellness benefits that many users describe as life-changing. And currently, roughly one in seven Americans over the age of 18 describes themself as a “regular CBD user,” according to a 2019 Gallup poll.

Given that hemp farming for the production of CBD oils and products was only legalized in 2018, the marketplace has grown at an incredible rate, outstripping the projections of all but the most optimistic economists. And with a market that is growing without any signs of slowing, the time to establish your CBD company and brand is now.

Amberwing Organics by NJ Farms can help with business to business CBD sales, white labeling, and more. To learn more about all of the exciting ways that NJ Farms can provide you with CBD business opportunities, continue reading, or get in touch with us and let us know that you are interested in our B2B offerings.

Why Choose To Do Business With Amberwing Organics by NJ Farms?

With the kind of growth that we have seen in the hemp-based CBD space, there is no shortage of CBD suppliers that you can choose from to stock your shelves or inventory into your online store. However, like any other boom sector, you’ll quickly find that despite a wealth of options in the marketplace, quality, consistency, and reliable vendors are hard to come by.
From inferior CBD hemp oil products to companies that are skirting — or just plain breaking — the law, the pitfalls for a new CBD business startup looking for product and partners are many. That’s why it’s so important that when you make your choice of a supplier, it’s crucial that you feel 100% comfortable doing business with them.

Amberwing Organics by NJ Farms isn’t like other CBD sales companies, and here is why:

  • Our hemp is all American-grown and extracted in the Midwest.
  • We adhere strictly to the laws and guidelines laid out by both the States and the Federal government.
  • We place a premium on customer service and quality employment opportunities.
  • We’re a business family of relatives, friends, and neighbors committed to producing a quality product each and every harvest.
  • We use a patented Cold CO2™ all-natural extraction process.
  • We create and distribute the highest quality full-spectrum CBD oils and products.
  • Every batch of our product goes through rigorous third-party testing for purity, consistency, and quality.

CBD Business Opportunities

Aberwing Organics by NJ Farms works with all kinds of different business owners ranging from online stores to natural grocers to hemp-specific businesses, and we can work with you too. At Amberwing Organics by NJ Farms, we offer a variety of different business to business relationships for our customers to take advantage of.


If you are interested in carrying the lineup of CBD oil-based products from Amberwing Organics by NJ Farms, then this is the option you are looking for. Wholesale relationships allow you to carry our products while generating revenue off of the incredible wholesale savings you receive as a bulk-purchase business.


If you are interested in re-branding our lineup of exquisite products for resale under a different label, we can do that too. Our white-labeling services work in much the same way as our wholesale services, except that you get to push our incredibly high-quality products under your own brand name.


For those who are either looking to purchase and sample our CBD oils, topicals, ad CBD vape oils and smokeables, or are not business owners but would still like to enjoy the benefits of our full-spectrum CBD, visit our retail shopping page to find exactly what you are looking for.

All persons interested in pursuing a wholesale or white label relationship with Amberwing Organics by NJ Farms will need to supply their federal EIN and state resellers license, as well as fill out a copy of our wholesale registration form.

The Amberwing Organics by NJ Farms Lineup

Amberwing Organics by NJ Farms offers a stellar lineup of full-spectrum CBD oils and CBD topicals, including the products in our luxury line. Our domestically grown hemp CBD products are second-to-none. Check out our current roster of items below and visit our online store to learn more about them.

CBD Oil Tinctures

CBD oil tinctures from Amberwing Organics by NJ Farms come in four different flavors and come in 500mg, 1000mg, and 15000mg concentrations. These full-spectrum CBD tinctures are one of our most popular items. They are also available in a variety pack.

CBD For Pets

Specially formulated to provide your mammalian pets with wellness benefits of CBD, our CBD oil for pets allows you to cater to the needs of your customers and their furry friends.

CBD Body Butter Skin Conditioner / Protectant

This shea butter-based CBD topical from Amberwing Organics by NJ Farms promotes localized pain relief as well as healthy, moisturized skin. Each container has 600mg of CBD from hemp seed oil as well as shea butter, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, and coconut oil to provide a smooth and luxurious application.

CBD Pain Balms / Salves / Creams

This is another wonderful set of products from Amberwing Organics by NJ Farms. Made with many of the same ingredients as the Amberwing Organics by NJ Farms body butter, this cooling CBD pain balm also contains camphor and menthol, however, we also have a non-cooling, natural formula available.

Contact Amberwing Organics by NJ Farms Today And Get Your CBD Business Off The Ground

If you’re ready to learn more about wholesaling, white labeling, or working with Amberwing Organics by NJ Farms in some other way, get in touch today and let us know what you are interested in. A friendly, helpful member of our team will connect with you soon to learn more about your inquiry.