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The Best Hemp Oil for Pets – NJ Farms CBD Oil for Pets

The Best Hemp Oil for Pets – NJ Farms CBD Oil for Pets

CBD is Safe and Legal

People are discovering the natural health benefits of hemp oil products for pets available on the market. Although, there continues to be confusion related to people thinking that because hemp oil is derived from hemp (a relative to the cannabis plant) because it is psychoactive or “gets your pet high”. This could not be further from the truth and has many benefits! In Fact, CBD oils are beneficial oils without the THC. NJ Farms uses 100% Natural Hemp Oil for their pets. These oils are derived from hemp plants that have near-zero levels of THC–the chemical that gets you high.

Image of a hemp plantHealthy Pets Use Hemp Oils Too

Our CBD Hemp Oil for pets is a Full Spectrum Hemp Oil that is grown with 100% Organic farming techniques therefore perfect for all breeds of dogs & cats. Even the ones experiencing no major illness or others that have a severe illness can benefit from these oils. NJ Farm’s Hemp Oils for Pets has no known contraindications and has no known negative side effects.

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Therefore, you don’t have to worry. You can safely give your dogs and cats hemp oil without getting them high. Your pets are still able to receive the many medicinal and healing benefits that hemp oil is often contributed to helping in humans. We are both mammals, after all.

What Are Some Health Benefits To Giving Hemp Oils to Pets?

1. Pain Relief – Hemp oil’s ability to relieve pain is well known. Hemp oils target the source of pain, from nerve pain to reducing inflammation to relief for chronic pain. This makes hemp oil for pets very useful for older pets that have chronic pain and stiffness issues, causing them not to get around as well as they used to. And it’s even great for younger pets that tend to overdo their roughhousing!

2. Anxiety – Our pets, just like people, can also suffer from anxiety. Giving hemp oils to your pets can dramatically reduce their anxiety and levels of stress by lowering their flight and fight response. Loud noises, separation anxiety, a thunderstorm– our pets build anxiety and stress from so many places. Many pet owners find hemp oils for pets calms their four-legged best friends right down.

3. Fight Cancer – CBD and other substances found in hemp and cannabis have been found to have an anti-tumor effect. CBD has even been shown to stop cancer cells from growing and increased tumor cell death. CBD can also kills cancer cells by blocking their ability to produce energy, it helps the immune system and can help increase the efficacy of conventional cancer treatment.

4. Treat Seizures and Epilepsy – It’s estimated that up to 5% of dogs suffer from seizures. Most dogs with seizures are put on drugs such as phenobarbital and potassium bromide. While they may help control the seizures, they can be extremely harmful to your dog’s liver and other organs. And the drugs don’t work in all cases.

Image of Pets Cuddling5. Increases Appetite – CBD works by interacting with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in the body. This is a system that helps maintain the natural balance in the body, which is known as homeostasis. The ECS regulates the appetite therefore restoring your pets love for food!

To help keep your pet healthy, please use hemp oil knowing that studies show it to be completely safe, effective, natural, and has no known unsafe limits. You can learn more about the best hemp oil for pets HERE.

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