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Our Full-Spectrum, CO2-Extracted CBD Hemp Oil: What Is It Good For?

Our Full-Spectrum, CO2-Extracted CBD Hemp Oil: What Is It Good For?
Over the last few years, more and more people have come around to discover the incredible healing properties of cannabidiol (CBD) and other cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. At NJ Farms, we think that’s truly a beautiful thing because we’ve seen firsthand how hemp and potent CBD oils have helped people, including our fearless founder and namesake, Nancy Jean Schiller (hence NJ Farms). 

The Highest Quality Full-Spectrum Hemp Extracts

In a time when CBD and hemp oil products are rapidly increasing in popularity, it’s important to trust your CBD source and only buy from a reputable online CBD company. At Amberwing Organics by NJ Farms, we work hard to source our CBD right on-site at our hemp farms in Wisconsin and Minnesota. From there, we only accept the highest possible standards in hemp oil extraction, and we do this through a patented Cold CO2™ extraction process. 

Now, it’s important to know who to source your CBD from, but it’s equally as important to know how to use CBD and what its many applications are. If you’re still wondering how hemp oils can benefit you, we have great news: you’re in the right place!

Below, you’ll find great information about what CBD is good for and how it can benefit and supplement your daily life. Though this is by no means an exhaustive guide to the benefits of CBD, it’s a good starting point and reference for people who are new to the world of CBD. Let’s get started. 

Use CBD To…

Alleviate Headaches and Muscle Cramps

Headaches and full-blown migraines aren’t just an inconvenience that many people experience on a near-daily basis; these problems can be full-on debilitating. An extreme, nagging headache or migraine can send you home early from work or even force you to visit urgent care should your acute symptoms worsen. 

Though CBD isn’t necessarily a magical cure-all for headaches and migraines, cannabidiol and other cannabinoids present in our full-spectrum hemp oil extracts have shown to greatly reduce the duration and severity of these issues. What once was a day-ender could be a manageable inconvenience through the proper dosage of CBD. 

Combat Various Addictions

Medical marijuana and CBD hemp oils have both shown great promise in helping addicts overcome various addictions. These addictions include alcohol and other narcotics such as benzodiazepines, barbiturates, amphetamines, and most notoriously, opiates. 

Anyone who’s ever suffered the lows of addiction knows that the never-ending loop of using and subsequently feeling guilty is nothing shy of hellish. It’s true that taking a few drops of CBD oil won’t magically cure your addiction, but more and more scientific research points to the fact that CBD, combined with other cannabinoids, can make withdrawal symptoms much more manageable for certain individuals. 

Help Stimulate Your Appetite

Not feeling hungry? In many cases, a severe lack of appetite can be problematic to the point of malnourishment. Cancer patients struggling through chemotherapy and other forms of treatment may find themselves with no appetite when in reality, their body desperately needs nutrition and actual sustenance. But of course, eating just about anything seems impossible in these situations. 

CBD itself may not stimulate hunger, but when it’s taken in a full-spectrum format like we offer at Amberwing Organics by NJ Farms, there is a distinct possibility of appetite stimulation. CBN, or cannabinol (not to be confused with cannabidiol, or CBD), is another powerful cannabinoid found in the hemp plant. CBD, CBN, and hundreds of other cannabinoids can be taken in conjunction as a full-spectrum hemp extract to achieve what is known as the Entourage Effect. 

Simply put, the Entourage Effect refers to the synergistic effects of taking CBD in tandem with other cannabinoids rather than CBD by itself. One of these potential effects includes hunger or a stimulated appetite. 

Manage Chronic Pain

Chronic, persistent pain can range from an irritable inconvenience to a flat-out crippling dynamic. The severity of chronic pain obviously varies between each individual and their affliction, but what’s uniquely unfortunate about chronic pain is that every day can be different. 

For the days where relief seems impossible, taking CBD hemp oil in multiple forms can be very helpful to retain daily, normal function. These forms include sublingually (ingestion), topically, and even through inhalation.

Soothe Your Anxiety

Many people take CBD to help manage their anxiety. Whether you suffer from moderate social anxiety or crippling chronic anxiety, we can all agree that living a life free of the chains of anxiety is a life worth pursuing. CBD oil may not take away anxiety in the same way that alcohol or prescription medications do, but there’s no doubt that using a natural alternative like CBD is more sustainable for your body in the long-run. 

Fight Depression

Depression is a serious condition that tends to get overlooked by too many people. Depression can negatively impact your motivation to execute daily tasks and even get out of bed, let alone attempt to better yourself. A dose of CBD may not help you instantly see life in a new light, but studies suggest that CBD is a worthy option when used with professional counseling/therapy and other depression-fighting methodologies. 

Your Source For Full-Spectrum, CO2-Extracted CBD Hemp Oil

Amberwing Organics by NJ Farms is proud to deliver CBD oil that genuinely help better the lives of those who choose our products. Learn more about our signature approach to CBD oil and how we can help you thrive by getting in touch with our friendly team! 


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