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Is CBD Oil Legal In The USA?

Is CBD Oil Legal In The USA? | Amberwing Organics

Is CBD Oil Legal In The USA?

In 2018, federal authorities legalized CBD hemp-based products. This came about after medical research and evidence convinced them it was safe. However, the laws and restrictions in the U.S. are confusing, leaving many people unsure of what is allowed and where.

For people who enjoy the benefits of CBD oil, this legalization was good news, but each individual state does still have its own rules related to CBD use. This means that while one state may allow its residents to use CBD freely, a neighboring state may only allow it in certain circumstances and some states still don’t allow it at all. Users are advised to check the individual restrictions in the state where they live.

What is CBD?

CBD comes from the hemp plant, and this is what causes some people to wrongly believe that it can cause a "high" the way some drugs do when consumed. It is important to remember that federal laws are predominantly for legislation purposes and that CBD use has long been considered a controversial and divisive topic influenced by false information and judgment. However, in 2017, a World Health Organization (WHO) report stated that using CBD does not have a detrimental effect on health and that people using CBD oil do not show signs of dependency. Since then, attitudes toward it have slowly started to change, leading to an increase in use and many more new CBD products coming onto the market.

Taking CBD Oil

There are many different ways that users can consume CBD, including vaping, balms and tablets. Most people who enjoy CBD oil use it for the pain relief it brings them or for its relaxing effects. CBD oil is available at drugstores and online, and it is very versatile. It can be added to food or drinks, or it can be taken directly in the mouth.


Most states do allow CBD in some form, but this can depend on how it is taken and why it is being used. For example, most states will allow CBD for medicinal purposes but some do not allow it to be used for recreational purposes. However, some states will allow it for recreational use, but only if the composition meets certain legal requirements. In 2020, CBD was fully legal in 12 states, including Washington, California, Vermont, Massachusetts, Alaska, Oregon, Nevada, Illinois, Maine, Michigan, Colorado and the District of Columbia.

For 30 states in the U.S., the legal use of CBD oil depends on the reasons it is being consumed; in some cases, it is only allowed for medical reasons.

States where it is banned

In 10 states, it is illegal to use any CBD-based products for any reason, although this could well change in the future. These include Texas, Mississippi, Kansas, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, South Dakota, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

CBD oil for well-being

CBD oil has seen a huge rise in popularity in recent years. In addition to being widely accepted as an effective pain relief treatment for conditions such as arthritis, CBD oil is now also found in health food and beauty stores and online, where products such as NJ Farms Any Time, All Natural, Unfiltered CBD Oil can be ordered safely. Made from the hemp plant flower grown in the northern Midwest, this organic oil can be taken any time of day and is infused with natural flavorings, giving it a nutty, earthy taste.

NJ Farms Any Time, All Natural, Unfiltered CBD Oil

CBD oil is also known for its mood-boosting properties, which can work with the body’s hormones to aid emotional balance. Regular users of NJ Farms Morning Time Citrus CBD Hemp Oil report reduced anxiety and stress and improved mental energy levels.

Many people associate CBD oil with benefits such as better, more restorative sleep. NJ Farms CBD Night Time Lavender Oil has a relaxing scent that can help calm the mind.

NJ Farms CBD Night Time Lavender Oil

CBD Oil and Animals

A growing division of the CBD oil market is CBD oil for pets. NJ Farms produces an all-natural hemp oil in the USA that can reduce pain in some dogs and cats. Their Pet Formula has no known side effects and can alleviate stiffness, muscle aches and pain in older animals, enhancing quality of life.

Pet Formula

The Law

Whether you are relocating or traveling, the laws will still apply to you if you are caught possessing a CBD-based product in a state where it is banned, so check before traveling to avoid fines or charges.


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