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Can You Use CBD If You Have Low Blood Pressure?

Can You Use CBD If You Have Low Blood Pressure? | Amberwing Organics

Can You Use CBD If You Have Low Blood Pressure?

There is an increasing number of people in the U.S. looking at CBD as a way of addressing all sorts of different health and wellbeing issues, from chronic pain to anxiety and stress. A growing amount of research shows the many benefits it can have, but it is important for you to consider your own particular health and wellbeing before deciding whether it is the right choice for you.

CBD and blood pressure

Whether CBD will be suitable for you could depend on any existing conditions you may have and any medications you currently take. This is why it is important to consult your doctor for individual advice. It is also helpful to have an understanding of the effect that CBD can have on your body and the way in which it could affect pre-existing conditions.

Blood pressure | Amberwing Organics

When it comes to blood pressure, there is some evidence that CBD can have an effect on lowering levels. This means that it is an increasingly popular choice among people looking for ways of addressing issues with hypertension. This also means, however, that you should seek medical advice if you already have low blood pressure so you can make an informed choice about whether or not it is suitable for you.

Lowering blood pressure

There is evidence already that using CBD can lower blood pressure, and more research is sure to follow. One study has found that acute administration of CBD could lower both resting blood pressure and the rise in pressure levels that can be associated with stress [1].

The research, which was published by the American Society for Clinical Investigation, gave a single 600mg dose of CBD or a placebo to nine healthy men and monitored their blood pressure before and after they had the CBD and before, after and during a potentially stressful period.

The study, which was carried out by a team led by Dr. Khalid Jadoon, found that the CBD use led to an increase in the heart rate of the men by ten or more beats a minute, but it also showed a reduction in systolic blood pressure of -6mm HG. In simple terms, therefore, the study came to the conclusion that while CBD could raise heart rate, it could also simultaneously reduce blood pressure.

It is believed that CBD lowers blood pressure as it causes blood vessels to dilate, leading to increased blood flow and less pressure, as well as lowering cortisol levels [2]. Cortisol is the main stress hormone in the human body.

Understanding blood pressure and CBD

The key to understanding blood pressure is knowing the difference between the two numbers represented in a pressure reading. Systolic BP, which is the top or first number in the reading, indicates how much pressure your blood is placing on your artery walls when your heart beats. In contrast, diastolic BP (the second number) measures the pressure that is exerted when your heart is at rest.

If you have low blood pressure, your systolic blood pressure reading will generally be under 90 millimeters of mercury (mm Hg), which is the top number. Your diastolic BP could also be below 60 mm Hg.

Understanding blood pressure

The causes of low blood pressure can be very simple, such as dehydration, but it can also be caused by serious medical conditions. This is why it is important that you understand what is causing the issue in order to get the right treatment.

Physical symptoms of low BP can include lightheadedness, fainting, and dizziness. It can have some serious health implications. If you do have what is formally known as hypotension, it is recommended that you monitor your blood pressure if you decide to use CBD [3]. It is also important to check out how CBD will interact with any medications you are taking.

CBD and underlying conditions

Any-Time CBD Oil

There are some people who believe that although CBD has not been linked to treating low blood pressure, it could be useful in alleviating some of the symptoms that may be associated with the issue. Anemia, for example, can lead to low blood pressure [4]. There is no proof yet that CBD, such as this Any-Time CBD Oil, can treat this condition as a whole, but there is research suggesting that it can have a beneficial effect when it comes to some of the associated symptoms. There is evidence that CBD could help regulate heart rhythms [5], for example, in addition to preventing vomiting and nausea [6] and reducing inflammation [7]. There are also reports that CBD can have a positive effect on regulating appetite [8].










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