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Can I Drink Alcohol While Taking CBD Oil?

Can I Drink Alcohol While Taking CBD Oil? | Amberwing Organics

Can I Drink Alcohol While Taking CBD Oil?

Regular users of CBD oil often ask if they can drink alcohol while taking CBD oil. The answer to this question is yes, and here are the reasons why.

What is CBD oil?

CBD oil is approved by federal authorities as being a safe and legal supplement to support and enhance well-being. However, individual states have different laws surrounding its use.

CBD oil is used in a variety of products, including oil that can be ingested on its own or added to foods and drinks. It is also available in capsule form and as a cream or balm that can applied directly to the skin. Another way of taking CBD oil is via gummy candies. Full Spectrum Vegan CBD Gummies from Amberwing Organics, are easy to take, taste delicious and have all the benefits of CBD oil.

Full Spectrum Vegan CBD Gummies from Amberwing Organics

How it works

CBD oil works by supporting the body’s endocannabinoid system, which helps control the brain’s receptors and communicates with the nervous system. This, in turn, helps balance hormones and the body’s chemicals, which is why CBD is helpful in enhancing mood, reducing feelings of anxiety, helping with insomnia and alleviating pain caused by conditions such as arthritis and other muscle-related health conditions.


Alcohol is enjoyed by people across the world. It is popular for its taste and also its ability to relax the body and mind. However, too much alcohol can cause poor health, and in extreme cases, permanent organ damage. Alcohol is also a depressant and affects individuals in different ways.

Side effects of mixing CBD oil and alcohol

Taking CBD and alcohol together could increase the effects, and drinking a lot of alcohol with a high dosage of CBD could lead to feelings of drowsiness. Anyone who is considering combining them should be cautious and aware of the amounts they are taking and how this will affect them. Consumers should also be aware of the damage alcohol can have on the body, especially on the liver, brain, cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

Although alcohol and CBD can be taken together, it can make an individual's reactions slower and affect coordination. When taking CBD and alcohol, the body and mind will feel relaxed, so users need to ensure they are in the right environment to enjoy it while remaining aware of their responsibilities at the time, such as caring for children.

Benefits of CBD oil over alcohol

Unlike alcohol, there have been studies that show CBD oil can reduce oxidative stress in organs such as the liver. Oxidative stress can also be associated with damage to the neurological system. Because CBD oil is known to calm the body and mind, it is thought that its use may help reduce symptoms associated with neurological disease.

Excessive alcohol consumption can also increase cell damage in the body, which can cause inflammation and joint pain. CBD is known to reduce pain and swelling, especially when applied directly to the skin. CBD Pain Balm for Muscle and Joint Aches from Amberwing Organics contains hemp seed oil, shea butter, jojoba oil and vitamin E, along with ginger root, which improves blood circulation, relaxes the muscles and reduces inflammation.

CBD Pain Balm for Muscle and Joint Aches from Amberwing Organics


CBD oil products have increased in both number and popularity in recent years, and many products are now available that have been infused with CBD. For example, consumers can now enjoy non-dairy milk alternatives, coffee, smoothies, beer and alcoholic cocktails that have all been infused with CBD.

CBD oil such as NJ Farms CBD oil night-time lavender is specially formulated to help ease users to a restful sleep. It has a delightful, relaxing scent and contains ingredients that can help the body feel relaxed and calm. Some people may get a similar effect from alcohol, but unlike alcohol, this product contains 100% natural ingredients.

 NJ Farms CBD oil night-time lavender | Amberwing Organics


People react differently to alcohol, and the same is true for CBD. For anyone who is new to CBD, it is recommended to start with a low dose and monitor the effects before increasing the dose slowly.

Replacing or reducing alcohol intake with CBD

Although it is possible to take both alcohol and CBD, some regular drinkers have found that the effects of CBD are similar to those of alcohol, but without the added health risks. If you are looking at reducing your alcohol consumption or stopping all together, CBD has many health benefits and could be a good alternative for anyone who wishes to change their lifestyle and relationship with alcohol.


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