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Can CBD Help with Pain Relief

Can CBD Help with Pain Relief | Amberwing Organics

Can CBD Help with Pain Relief

CBD is a chemical compound that comes from a plant. It is thought to help regulate things such as sleep patterns, immune response, and pain. The most common types of CBD products are oils; like this Any-Time All Natural Oil, sprays and vapes, although it is also available as a topical cream.

Any-Time All Natural Oil

Medical History

CBD was first discovered back in 1940, and scientists have been researching its advantages ever since. The research has been sporadic, however, and it is still considered to be in its infancy. The World Health Organization (WHO) has stated that it is well tolerated and not addictive.

Early studies have shown CBD to act as an anti-inflammatory in animals, and it is hoped that this will work on humans as well once scientists start carrying out more human studies over longer periods of time.

Why Do People Use Alternative Medicine?

There are many reasons people turn to alternative medicine.

1) Alternative medicine has been around for longer: There was a time before scientific medicine was introduced when all that was available was alternative medicine. This period lasted many thousands of years, and people figured out what worked and what didn’t. Once medical science took over, alternative medicine waned in popularity for a while. However, these days, it is becoming more popular to use it again. For example, leeches were used as a cure-all in the Middle Ages, but recently it has been discovered that their application will actually help as these insects eat dead skin and infection, making them a good alternative to surgery.

2) Scientific medicines aren’t working: If you get sick, you go to the doctor, who prescribes pills or refers you to a specialist to make you better. You may do the rounds of traditional care for a while and realize that this isn’t working for you. After several attempts to get your medication right, you are still in pain. This is when people often turn to alternative medication rather than relying on scientific medical cures. It may be that they need to try several alternative medicines before they find one that works, but once they do, they will stick to it. This has helped CBD gain in popularity recently.

3) Scientific medicine can be addictive: If you take pills over a long period of time, you can become addicted to some of them. People look to alternative medical remedies as these are more likely to be non-addictive. Also, people like the idea of putting natural products into their bodies when they are sick rather than a list of compounds they do not understand the origin of. The use of alternative, natural medicines makes more sense to many people.

4) To complement scientific medicine: Many people find that although they are happy to use scientific medical cures, they also want to keep their options open and use alternative medicine, too. It is important to make sure that they both complement each other by working together rather than against each other by checking with a medical practitioner. If the scientific and alternative medicine can work together, taking both won’t harm you and you will be able to hedge your bets over which remedy is most effective. Hopefully, this will lead to a happier, healthier you.

How Does CBD Work?

We all have receptors in our bodies that are attached to our cells. CBD is believed to work by interacting with these receptors, mainly in your brain and immune system. This tells your body that you are not in pain and it helps to reduce that pain accordingly. It is also believed to create anti-inflammatory effects that have already been seen in the animals it has been tested on. In humans, this process is said to have a pain-relieving effect on joint inflammation, so it will work well with arthritic problems. It is also said to alleviate chronic pain, such as migraines and back problems.

How Can You Use CBD?

Day-Time Mint CBD Oil

There are several ways of using CBD. Oil, like this Day-Time Mint CBD Oil, can be placed under the tongue or used in cooking. It has a distinctive taste, so it may be wise to make sure you like it before you add it to your food. The cream can be applied directly to your skin, and it is also available from leading vape suppliers.

How Can You Use CBD?

Although there is still a lot of scientific research to be done, it is certainly worth trying if you are struggling with chronic or joint pain. One day, it could be as mainstream as taking an ibuprofen.


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