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10 Things You Didn’t Know About CBD Oil For Dogs

10 Things You Didn’t Know About CBD Oil For Dogs | Amberwing Organics

10 Things You Didn’t Know About CBD Oil For Dogs

Just as there has been increased interest in the potential benefits of CBD oil for humans, many dog owners are also curious about the ways in which it could help their furry friends to live a more fulfilled life.

Here are a few things you might not know about CBD oil that has been specifically designed for dogs.

1. CBD Oil May Help To Alleviate Pain

Just as some humans choose to use CBD oil to ease pain associated with chronic conditions such as arthritis, it may also have the same beneficial pain-relieving effects for dogs. There is no concrete scientific evidence to categorically support this, but there has been some research and anecdotal evidence to support the potential pain-relieving properties of CBD oil.

2. CBD Oil Could Help To Control Seizures In Dogs

Many owners are particularly drawn to CBD oil for its potential to control seizures in dogs. Seizures can be distressing, especially if other forms of medication haven’t provided the outcomes owners and veterinarians were hoping for. This is something that should always be discussed in advance with a veterinary professional, but some early research indicates that CBD oil, such as this CBD Oil for Pets, can be helpful to dogs with certain conditions.

CBD Oil for Pets

3. CBD Oil Can Help To Reduce Canine Anxiety

The potential anxiety-reducing benefits of CBD oil are something that some owners have chosen to evaluate, particularly if their dogs experience distress during specific events such as fireworks night, for example.

4. CBD Oil May Stimulate Dogs’ Appetites

CBD Oil May Stimulate Dogs’ Appetites

We all know how worrying it can be when our furry family members stop eating, particularly if they have always been very food-motivated. While it is imperative to visit your veterinarian to determine whether there is a specific cause that requires treatment, some owners have used CBD oil to stimulate their dog’s appetite.

5. CBD Oil Can Promote An Increased Range Of Movement In Dogs

The potential inflammation-reducing properties of CBD oil could ease discomfort around the joints and may be particularly beneficial to dogs with chronic conditions such as arthritis. The combination of its pain- and inflammation-relieving properties may help even older dogs to regain some of their youthful energy and give them a new lease on life in their elder years.

6. CBD Oil For Dogs Is Often Flavored

All owners know that dogs can be surprisingly picky sometimes, particularly when it comes to taking any form of medication. After all, their noses are super sensitive and can pick up on things that we can’t. But this is precisely why the best manufacturers have given their products enticing meaty flavors. Some are more flavorful than others, so it might take a few attempts to find one that your dog finds palatable. In addition to meaty flavors, some brands also produce peanut butter flavored oils or products such as CBD Dog Treats, which may be even more appealing to your furry companion.

CBD Dog Treats

7. It’s Important To Choose A CBD Oil That Has Been Third-Party Tested

Most CBD products haven’t been officially approved by health authorities, so it is important to purchase from a reputable brand that conducts consistent third-party testing. This ensures that the product doesn’t contain any potentially harmful ingredients that could have some unpleasant side effects for your four-legged companion.

8. Some CBD Oils Are Infused With Other Health-Boosting Ingredients

There is some evidence to suggest that an oil derived from coconuts can aid the absorption of CBD in dogs. Some manufacturers offer full-spectrum CBD oils, which contain more amino acids, vitamins and nutrients than standard oils.

9. The Bioavailability of CBD Oils For Dogs Can Vary

CBD oils with a high bioavailability will have more noticeable effects in a shorter period of time. This is often because they have been infused with a carrier oil that boosts absorption. In addition to dosages, this is something that you will need to be mindful of when researching which CBD oils will be most beneficial for your beloved pet.

10. The Safety Risks Have Not Yet Been Fully Researched

Although there are a variety of CBD oils for dogs on the market and individual pieces of research have been carried out into its potential benefits, it is important to note that the possible safety risks have not yet been comprehensively researched. Therefore, it is important to discuss the potential usage of CBD oil for your dog with your veterinarian, particularly regarding dosages and how it may interact with any comorbidities or other medication your dog has been prescribed.


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